Automatic Fini can be harvested after an autoflowering life cycle of 9-10 weeks from seed. Growers can expect to grow plants that stay relatively compact, with maximum heights of 80-100cm. Limited growing spaces like balconies, terraces or smaller indoor setups will be ideal for this autoflowering strain. The high smokers get after consuming this bud is often accompanied by feelings of inner happiness, and the urge to get out there and do something, so it’s basically activating. After time passes by, the experience shifts towards a comfortable body stone, allowing muscles to relax after a long day. Automatic Fini should definitely be considered by growers who haven’t had the chance to cultivate the famous AK-47. This autoflowering version might be a little smaller in contrast to the original, but small things are easier to hide. Keep your small collection of fully automatic AK’s a big secret and things will go well.

Plant Specifications

Feminized Yes
Autoflowering Yes
Effect High, Stoned
Genetics Ruderalis, Sativa
Flowering 60-65 days
Harvest 500gr/m2
Height Medium 100-150cm
  • Modèle :5SFA

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