V Syndicate Glyder (Magnetic Quartz Blunt) - Rose Gold

V Syndicate Glyder - magnetic quartz chillum with special features, including:
  • Quality, high temp resistant quartz tube (0.5" inner tube diameter, 1.2mm thick glass, 3.35" long)
  • Magnetic platform made out of a removable stainless steel screen + magnetic ring allows you to push herbs to the top as you smoke
  • Cone-shaped mouth piece fits three different bong sizes (14mm, 16mm, 18mm) and connects to the bottom of the quartz tube via two rubber rings that create an airtight fit
  • Food-grade silicone cap holds herb in place while in transit
  • Two built-in screens at the top and bottom, detachable for cleaning purposes
  • Includes a matching packing tool that doubles a scraper to help with ashing
  • Holds up to five grams of herb
  • Easy to clean with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol
  • Offered in four colours! Black, Iridescent, Rose Gold, and Silver
    • Model: VSG03

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